Bathrhooom tile installation in Gresham, Oregon

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The tile is often the first thing people notice when they venture into your bathroom. It’s unfortunate, but vintage charm does not usually work with bathroom tiling.  If the tile looks like it has been there since the 1970s and 1980s, it probably needs to be replaced.

As tile ages, it can get moldy, which can cause major problems to your home or business. Mold is especially prevalent in the Oregon region of the United States.

If you are thinking about replacing your bathroom tile or installing tile in place of a different material, you may have considered doing it yourself. Before you go out and purchase a “Tile For Dummies” book or try to follow the instructions from a YouTube video, think about hiring professional contractors.

If bathroom tiles are not installed the right way, it can lead to significant water damage to your home’s floors and wall. Attractive looking professionally installed tiles increase the value of your home.

Our crew of dedicated tile contractors in Gresham, Oregon can install your bathroom tiles in a cost and time-effective manner. We are committed to making your home look beautiful, up its value and make it a comfortable place for you, your family, and visitors. Our fully licensed and insured master craftsmen have skill and experience and take great pride in their work.

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Best materials for bathroom floors, walls and showers

When selecting tile for your bathroom floors, walls, backsplash, and shower and bathtub areas, it is important that you consider materials, size of tiles and color scheme of the area.  We use bathroom tiles made of natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, marble, and granite.

Porcelain is most durable of all bathroom tiles. It is resistant to water, and if it chips or breaks slightly, you may not be able to see damage.

Stone tiles provide a sophisticated look to areas. It is very durable and resistant to many different levels of water pressure. Stone tiles need cleaning, but they do not have to be washed and scrubbed as often as other materials.

Ceramic is the most common tile produce used in bathrooms. Ceramic comes in a wide range of colors that can be customized to suit your tastes. Ceramic tiles are protected by a coating to prevent water damage. They can be challenging to clean and require intense scrubbing.

Ceramic is a budget-friendly option. Porcelain is in the middle and stone is often most expensive. Remember to think about the value tile will add to your property. Stone can be costly, but it will boost marketability of your home. 

After you select a tile for your bathroom, we provide you a accurate and honest quote. The cost typically depends on many things, including bathroom size, time needed for installation, and how many tiles are being installed.

Our tile installation process

Putting in tile takes time and a skilled craftsman. Our process is as follows:

  1. The old tile is removed first.
  2. The shower area must be prepared for installation. Prep work involves installing a shower pan, cement backer, and shower membrane.
  3. Our contractor then measures the tiles and lays them. After the main tiles are installed, we cut smaller tile pieces and set them.
  4. They repeat the process throughout the bathroom in all areas you want tiled.

For more information on our bathroom remodeling process and materials, call us today. We also do tile work for kitchens, outdoor spaces, and more for residential and commercial business properties.

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